Me: leaves a photoshoot half way through to go punch seagulls and shake bushes for energy


The Most Important Thing in Wolf Watch History

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there’s nothing worse than seeing someone who deserves the world and the best it offers being treated unfairly and you can see them slowly being broken

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do you ever feel lonely and unwanted even if you are with your friends

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if you want a nice body, go get it. if you want to become a lawyer, study your ass off. if you want nice hair, pick a style and get it done. stop being afraid and motivate yourself. find yourself. find your happiness, because it’s out there waiting for you.

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i wonder if there is anyone nervous to talk to me.

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╭◜◝ ͡ ◜◝ ͡ ◜◝╮
( Taco Bell? )
╰◟◞ ͜ ◟◞ ͜ ◟◞╯
╭◜◝ ͡ ◜◝ ͡ ◜◝╮
( Taco Bell. )
╰◟◞ ͜ ◟◞ ͜ ◟◞╯

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row row row your boat gently away from me

Merrily merrily merrily merrily please just fuckin leave

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